“ Adding spice to everlasting comfort. ”

KINOTTO tools get up close and personal on a daily basis. KINOTTO “ tools ”are what we call daily necessities. We consider the shawls, T-shirts, bags and socks worn during all seasons to be the tools required for everyday life, and we are crafting simple - yet sturdy products - with carefully selected materials, made in japan. We carry a line of staple products that we hope you will continue to use for a long time and when you finally do need to replace any of these items, you will be able to find the same product again.
Our hope is for KINOTTO to become the supplier of the standard tools in your life, fulfilling your everyday needs.

KINOTTO was launched in 2015 as a brand of “ daily tools ” that supplement your daily life, from the moment you get out of your bed until you go back to bed. The product lineup is not limited to fashion items, because we want you to feel comfort and joy in every situation of your daily life.
We put the selection of materials and the “ touch and feel ” of the products first and foremost, because all of our products will be in direct contact with your skin, regardless of the situation.

The brand “ KINOTTO ” was inspired by the Italian orange, “ CHINOTTO. ”This small fruit is known for its rich scent and spicy bitterness. See for yourself how KINOTTO tools are based on comfort of the materials while the designs and color schemes add flavor and spice.